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you wish you were me New stuff since last update:

Daaaaaang! 2 years since my last update. Not to keep repeating bad themes, but all two of my faithful viewers are probably thrilled to see new info with no 4 letter words in the title.

So it is time to say good-bye to one of the best animals to ever walk the planet. BJ the dog. February 14, 1993 - April 7, 2006. Kind of tough there in his older age. I think he had some type of lung cancer or disease. He seemed to be in pain while breathing - shivering all the time, eventually quit eating and began to have trouble walking. Looking in his eyes I don't think he wanted to go but knew he couldn't stay. Even to the last day he hobbled into the room to keep me in view. If nothing else he's in a better place now.

New motorcycle time.... 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R. 1000 cc's of pure speed. 157hp.

Job. Sandia made me a permanent employee. Another raise and a pension if I can last 15 or 20 years.

Racing - no more. Not enough cars to put on a show. SandiaMotorsports is one messed up operation.

Softball. Finally played long enough to find good people. My current team is 6-0 with only two games left in the season. Sandia "B" league (better than recreational level) starts next week. This team finished 3rd in the tournament last year.

Women. 24 years old. 'nough said.

Derrick came to Miami in February and helped me move my mom to a condo in St. Petersburg, FL. What a guy.

Put a serious car stereo in my Suburban. Very serious. 3000 watts. 3 amps, 8 channels. Two 15" subs, two 10" mid-bass, 4 pairs of mids/tweets - two ADS, two Cadence. Rest of the system is mostly Soundstream with an AudioControl crossover and epicenter on the pre-amp side. Two batteries. Nice.

Bought two pieces of land in Mountainair, NM. 30 acres and 40 acres. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet.

Send me an email, and when you don't get a response, assume you got SPAM filtered and give me a call. Just to save the suspense - nothing else on any of the links below this text is new......

Old stuff:

So, I guess the best news is the new job. I'm a limited term primary member of the technical staff at Sandia National Labs. Can you say 14% raise? Essentially I'm on a series of up to 6 one year contracts until I'm either converted to permanent or let go. Either way, NO MORE EMCORE!! Yes, I'd had enough. Still going to get rich off that stock, though. Just wait.

What else? Have you seen the new dog? Tic Tac. Racing greyhound. He's a winner.

Haven't done any racing this year. Didn't want to spend any $ on racing if I wasn't going to be in ABQ. I had been pursuing employment in other states. Anyway, I may start that up again in the next few weeks. Made a set of spark plug wires and I need to install a windshield.

If you missed the car 2000 Carerra, Cool dude.

Softball. I can't believe that for the 3rd year in a row I'm on a team that SUCKS! If nothing else, I can say for sure I know how to recognize a crappy team, and I won't be playing on one again. Huge milestone last weekend - cracked a home run on a 300' fence. Probably would have been good for 310. Hit about 6 feet above the top of the 8' high fence. It was about time.

Women? Find me one.

Landscaped my courtyard. 5 rose bushes, 6 tomato plants, 5 green peppers, and 5 watermelon vines. The key to landscaping in ABQ is drip irrigation. Got the whole setup with the plants and a timer for about $110.00. In the words of Dave Chapelle "drip drip drip." If you get lucky, I'll take a picture.

Had natural gas installed in the house. Kind of incorporated this effort with the new roof I got last year. Had a kitchen vent installed with the roof. Finally purchased and installed a microwave above the gas stove that vents to the outside. I can finally cook bacon and potatos without smelling up the whole house. Also replaced my electric dryer with a gas version. Next year's projects will be a gas furnace and maybe a water heater.

Firefighting. I still have my EMT-B. Only need 8 more class hours to recertify for 2005-2006. Guess that whole deal is on hold for now.

OOOOOoooo! I got a race car.

night pic.

Big D needed a variable timer that would turn a stove off after a certain period of time. It is easy to find timers for seconds or minutes, but difficult or expensive to find timers for hours. I designed a quick circuit for less than $40. I think the IC's cost about $2.00. You may want to buy 2 or 3 since you know you'll screw at least one up while you're testing.
Anyway, here is the necessary info to build your own multi-hour timer:
schematic and parts list.
block diagram and timing math.

Something else I've been meaning to post FOREVER, a pic of my motorcycle: '87 Kawasaki Ninja 750R.

January (2002) was also the month I put my Miami house up for sale. Can you say "wahoo!!" I was tired of the long distance landlord game, and I really landed some decent cash from the equity. big bank account cushion. I did for sale by owner. Still can't decide if it was worth it or not. I put a bunch of things on hold trying to deal with all of the hastles. The entire process was really drawn out, and in the end I did not close until April. A nice birthday present.

Work. Work has been absolutely hideous this year. We just had our 4th layoff in the last 8 months or so. This after they said they wouldn't do it again after the 3rd time. Poor leadership, lack of focus, a screwed up economy, and a board of directors that has lost all credibility makes for a nasty work environment. I figure I'll work if they pay me, but listening to others that don't have that approach really gets to you after a while. Anyway, I'm on my 5.5 year plan at this point. By Nov 2007 I will have paid off my house (or whatever house I'm living in). I'll be 38 with the option to retire.

Speaking of firefighting, I'm back on track with that again. As some of you may know, I tried unsuccessfully back in 1997 and 1999 to become a Seattle firefighter. I have started the process here in NM. I took a CPR class last month. Now I need to take 6 college credits in the Fall. Then I can get state certification. Maybe by that time the economy will be better and the various cities and townships will be hiring again.

In March, I bought a new scanner with an automatic document feeder. Very nice way to clear out your file cabinet. This ranks up there with the 200 disc CD changer I bought a couple years ago with products I can't believe I was living without. March was also roof coating month. After calling around for weeks, I finally decided that I would put an asphalt emulsion on my roof by myself. I had a leak when the snow thawed on my roof. Anyway, this was a pain in the ass, but ultimately about 25% of the cost of what someone would do the job for.

April had me planning for May. I took a week's vacation from work to go work for Joey in Chicago. This was great, but a very busy week. I take my hat off to Joey for having to deal with several bullshit situations that show me I could never be a business owner. From other peoples mistakes, I have two pieces of advice:

1. Never surf porn at work regardless of how high you think you are on the food chain.

2. Never have only one person knowing what is going on with your LAN.

I received excellent compensation and great hospitality in Chicago. I've since heard that Joey's wife Michelle is pregnant. I hope they do just great. Eventually, I'd like to post what I learned about hacking windows passwords. With very little effort, you can hack into any machine you have physical access to.

The end of May brought my long-awaited trip to Vegas. This was just a blast. I met up with Paul-y who I knew from Orlando. He is now tending bar at Kahunaville in the back of the Treasure Island Casino and doing great. I met some women but didn't get any back to my room :). I also hooked up with Chuck, who tells me he is getting married in 4 hours. OK. His first wedding was the reason I quit going to weddings. Good thing he brought the wedding to me. I can now say I've been to the Graceland Chapel in Vegas. At any rate, I lost about $200/day gambling, but my days were 18-20 hours long. It took me well over a week to recover. I handed out my email address to about 4 women, NONE of whom sent me an email (bitches). Maybe I needed to shower more often.

Now here we are in June. I still have a job - not sure if that is good or bad. Losing a job may persuade me to pursue that PhD. I've met a couple girls online (I know - scary) and actually had a date last week - first in many years, and first in this town. Not too bad. New Mexico still sucks if you're a single 30 something. I've been playing summer league softball and surprising myself with some good play. Still waiting for that out of the park homerun. I bought a refurbished HP 760N computer for $647.50. A P4 1.8G machine with an amazing compliment of hardware and software, including windows XP. Can't believe I found a deal good enough to keep me from building my own machine. I can now watch DVD's with smoothly-playing video. Jury is still out on windows XP. I'm finally getting high speed internet access (next Friday)! Wahoo!

So we say good-bye for now to one of my best ideas of all time. If you missed my old home page, here it is:Old home page.

I guess my new gimmick will be stupidity. I will highlight events that take place, from personal to world events, and give you my opinion on what I think - whether you want it or not. Makes material for updates a little easier to cum by. Of course, feedback and ideas are always welcome dumb_ass@iloveme.net, but the grand total on emails I have generated from my web page stands at about 4 in the last five years, so I realize I'm probably on my own here.
A comment from one of my managers is the inspiration for this "quote of the update time frame:"
"If you're not satisfied, bend over." Quote of the update time frame archive.

And another thing. I found out I'm not a pig. My quest for females is fully explained in this textbook used for a class at UNM. Read excerpt here!!. I knew it wasn't me.

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......Anyway, these guys, Marc, Rex, Amir, and Andy (old friends from work) have all started their own A/V company and are just having a blast. Check out their web page: TDI. They really know their shit!

"Vanity" license plates are really cheap in New Mexico. Will somebody please give me a good idea? C'mon. This has been here for about 8 months now, and not even one suggestion.

If you need to contact me, send email to: stud@iloveme.net
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