Last update: 08/28/00.

New stuff:

Updated home phone# below. Minor resume changes.
Job is going well, but the cell phone market is in a hole right now. Competition for technical talent has resulted in high turnover at my company, which always makes things more difficult.

Stuff before last update:
How things change. I have given up on the Seattle Fire Department, as I just can't seem to do well enough on the test to get an interview. I also bombed an interview with Microsoft in Seattle. Not up to date with my CS100 skills. I am no longer working full time at Unicom Marketing, as a network administrator. I am still on good terms with my boss and old college roomy Joey, so I'll continue to help them any way I can. Kind of got stuck on the DNS server that is required to host web pages. Did some pretty nifty things with ColdFusion and Apache web server, including database interfacing and automatic email generation. Cool stuff. Hope to fine tune some of these things and provide a link in the near future.

I am now in Albuquerque. I'll post some pics soon. Doing RF design work for a company that I don't want to mention, since my web page is fairly unprofessional, and my job isn't.

If you are in need of detail, just check out my resume!

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You can also give me a call:
work phone: don't use it.
pager 888 402 8705
home phone: 505 796 0834