Last update: 08/28/00.

New stuff since last update:

Seems that many vendors are finding consumers are not tolerating high shipping costs. Thompson's Computer Warehouse had $6.95 flat rate shipping the last time I checked. usually has several deals that will make shipping free. Search (link below) for those deals.

New stuff before last update:

Links to buy computer parts and software: if you are looking to buy computer hardware. if you are looking to buy computer hardware. if you are looking to buy computer hardware.

Of the places that will be indexed by the top two links, I have purchased from the following;
Thompsons Computer Warehouse
black lab micro
Frotier (
1st choice memory

I'm sure there are a couple others. Most of the places above have bottom line pricing, and hit you hard with shipping costs. It doesn't hurt to call for shipping charges. Outpost and sometimes will offer free shipping, but their prices are higher. Shipping on monitors is usually way too high. Multiwave sometimes has difficulty getting their act together. outpost and warehouse have good customer service. Krex, multiwave, blacklab, and others don't have toll free customer service. My best recent experience with delivery, order correctness, etc. was with allstar.

My favorite site (, link down below) has extended itself to just deals in general. I would really recommend checking out dealnews, if you are looking to buy anything.
Check out deal-mac, which has also recently added deal-pc.