Last update: 10/10/00.

New stuff:

Me and the neighbor's puppy: One dog, one puppy. (from 2001)

Stuff before last update:
Me looking good with a tan at my friend Skip's wedding: Two cool dudes. (from 1997?)

For ladies who want to drool: A lame pic of me
I took this with an Agfa ePhoto 1680. Great digital camera. Obviously, I had to reduce the image quality so you could download the picture in just a few seconds. OK, seems that pic is a bit TOO lame. Here is another: what my friends really think.
Well, seriously, here is me w/ Dr. Malocha in France: I'm the one with more hair (for now).
ooooo. Wish they would keep those manequins fresh. Back in 1997 at work
Playing with the new quickcam a couple years ago
It could be worse - I could look like your boyfriend. And I promise, next time, no clothes ....
If you still aren't convinced that I have a nice "best view in New Mexico" butt, just email Taiwan Mitch and ask.