Last update: 12/22/00.

New stuff:

How about a view of some snow out of the living room window?

Stuff before last update:

Long awaited pics from the inside of the house"

view from back bedroom to front bedroom.

dining room.


living room.

master bath.

front bedroom.

One cool sunset:

this is why you live in ABQ.

I closed on the house at the end of May. The pictures below are all of the view from the house, taken from the backyard, which is off of the family room. Great views from the family room as well.

backyard layout.

view to the northeast.

view to the east.

zoomed view to the east.

view to the southeast.

black and white pic of northeast view.

black and white pic of east view.

Enjoying my 1987 Kawasaki Ninja 750R that I am also still trying to get a picture of, but keep forgetting.

How about some pictures of the view out of my window in Chicago. Left there 12/99:

window view down and center.

fireworks behind the Wrigley building with a cool reflection of my computer.

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