Last update: 12/22/00.

Stuff before last update:

From Update 10/10/00:
"Quote of the update time frame:"
"A thing does not cease to be useful simply because it is not in the grasp of one's understanding."

From Update 6/23/00:
This "quote of the update time frame" is from a bumpersticker:
"If God had meant for us to vote, he would have given us good candidates.

From Update 5/13/00:
This time I have a great "quote of the update time frame" Seems that one of the guys at work is a little too friendly:
"C'mon! Let's take a bath." Yeah. I suppose it would be funnier if you could hear him say it.

From Update 4/15/00:
To keep my "quote of the update time frame" going, I offer you a comment from a female engineer to the owner of the last quote I posted. "Yes, you are a great stallion." Would this be funnier if I told you the receiver of this comment is 5'2" tall? Maybe not. I'll try to find a better quote for next time.

From Update 3/31/00:
Yes, and I think while I'm at it, I will start a "quote of the update time frame" section. The first ever quote belongs to an unnamed Iranian immigrant. As we were discussing engineering talent, he pops out with, "People from India are schizophrenic and in general paranoid." And I thought it was just me.